7 / 16 ~ 17 Gracie's 2yr Birthday Cake - My first fondant cake decoration

I used to decorate cakes with vege whipped cream.
But it's not available at the moment.
This is my first time trying out using fondant to decorate a cake.
It's for my little 2-year-old girl's birthday on18th July 2010.

I made everything which she likes at the moment,
and then arranged all the characters on a 8" chiffon cake.

Everyone's got a marshmallow pillow.

I made all the little gadgets ahead and organized them on the cake the next day just b4 the birthday party.

my family and me.

this little monster " was " her first idol for a while

this little rabbit is her fav cuddly doll at the moment

which kid doesn't like snoopy ??
sure so does my little one.

yeh yeh..... terrible 2
very grumpy / picky with her clothes
but she's a good eater !

Especially the cakes I made.
She's always going for another piece ~

Light black tea chiffon cakebase.

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