8 / 19 Fairy Cake Fondant Toppers

This is some first ideas for one of my customers.
Her little girl is having her 8th birthday in Oct.

It's a wonderful thing planning kid's birthday early,
and kids will have memorable birthdays.

The theme, fairy, was decidedby her girl.
So I'd whip up some toppers for her.

Fairy style got some particularly stuff such as magic wand,
castle, wing, butterfly, mushrooms, etc.

This handsome frog prince idea is from the magic wand.

Yeh sth looks funny....
Why does he look like a " half-frog " ??

Cause there is an useless fairy who doesn't have much powerful fairy skills.

Oh actually....
He's just a baby.

He's got really grumpy cause he can't
change the frog into a prince successfully.

Well..... you are just a BABY~
What do you expect ?

What else did I make ?

Fairy mushrooms are must.

A REAL fairy is this woman.
Yeh she's the mum of the grumpy baby fairy.....

She was too busy playing with little kitty and
didn't notice that the baby took her magic wand away.....

The last thing I made today was this cupcake-size
castle topper.

I've got some more stuff to work on ..... butterfly, flowers, crown..... etc.
Still don't have time to make another cake decoration these days.
Anyway I will put these fairy toppers onto a cake soon.


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