8 / 19 Fairy Cake Fondant Toppers

This is some first ideas for one of my customers.
Her little girl is having her 8th birthday in Oct.

It's a wonderful thing planning kid's birthday early,
and kids will have memorable birthdays.

The theme, fairy, was decidedby her girl.
So I'd whip up some toppers for her.

8 / 17 Elmo Cupcake Toppers

I've seen some sesame street
cupcakes design online.

And this kind Elmo which is made
by flower cutter is a quite popular idea.

8 / 17 Mini Purses

Was thinking about making some little purse for decorating cupcakes for a whle.

Finally got it done.

8 / 17 Mini Hamburger

I was going to make a theme cake
which will have some fast food on it.

They are really tiny burgers. About 1 cm in diameter.




8 / 14 Dora the Explorer Fondant Character

This figure is quite tricky to sculpt.
Took a while to think how to start.

Actually my little girl looks really similar to Dora, especially the eyes / hair.
I felt really happy when it was done.


8 / 10 Castle 3D Fondant Cake Decoration

This is every girl, or everyone's dream,
to own a castle.

Now I have my first one.
And then anytime I want.

8 / 9 Heart on Heart Fondant

Heart, which is always a popular thing for any design.
But where did this figure come from ?
I can't think of any natural heart-shaped thing in the
world yet.

8 / 9 Lion & Rabbit Fondant

Actually if you keep looking at it.....
you might think there's a wild bear wearing a showering cap.
Silly thing .....

8 / 8 Cute Fondant Elephant Brothers

Sky blue is cute.
Why elephants need to be gray ?


8 / 6 Eadible Toilet ..... Would you eat it ??

Made this toilet today when my little girl was
sleeping at noon.

Not sure why I made it ..... it just started.

8 / 5 Snowman Fondant

There's no snow in where I live.
So I never made a snowman.

Today I did.

8 / 3 THOMAS the TANK ENGINE 3D Cake Decoration

My little girl's fav idol " a while ago " .
She " loved " pushing the toy Thomas train around.
Now she loves PINGU.

8 / 1 PINGU the penguin fondant

This smart penquin is really funny.
My daughter just fell in love with him these days.

7 / 29 Baby Bedroom Cake Decoration

Just like this kind of apple-green color.
Simple, modern, cosy and white.


7 / 28 Mini Sofa

About 5 cm in width.
With a back cusion.
Comf ysofa.

7 / 26 Teddy with a sweet pose

Made another bunch of teddy bears.

This cute little guy is very good at holding a sweet pose in front of the photographer.


7 / 25 Bathing duck fondant

Quake quake
Time for a bath ?

7 / 24 First kiddy teddy

It's my first eadible fondant animal.
Looks like a daddy teddy.

7 / 23 Arms wave, legs kick.

Tried to make a baby's arm.

7 / 16 ~ 17 Gracie's 2yr Birthday Cake - My first fondant cake decoration

I used to decorate cakes with vege whipped cream.
But it's not available at the moment.
This is my first time trying out using fondant to decorate a cake.
It's for my little 2-year-old girl's birthday on18th July 2010.

I made everything which she likes at the moment,
and then arranged all the characters on a 8" chiffon cake.