1 / 10 " Loving Hearts " Theme Cake

This is the original idea I made and turned into the fairy-theme cake, once you get the basic decoration ( around the cake ) worked out, you can top any cute toppers on the cake, such as the fairy topper I put on.

It's simple, easy, elegant and effective, which I really like, and looks especially beautiful on a cake stand.

If you have enough time, why not try a similar one out for your family / friends ?

1 / 10 Fairy-theme Novelty Cake

I made this cake design yesterday just for fun.
It's a 6" orange pound cake filled with orange-flavored buttercream and covered in fondant. Cake board is 10".

I've kept such decorating idea for about 2 months and was a bit lazy to get it done.

2 Tier Farm-Theme Novelty Cake

There was a lot of work on this 2 tier cake..
I spent 2 nights making all the animals, tree etc.
And bake the mud cake on Fri evening.

When I took the 8" cake out of the tin I realized it was just not tall at all....- only 2" tall so I baked another 1" thick mud cake to stack on.

1 / 6 Android Parcel Birthday Cake for TiM's 31st Birthday

I baked a 6" chocolate mud cake last Thursday
and decorated it on Fri for my husband's 31st birthday.

It's just a really simple one to make... actually I was really going to make an Android phone cake for him....