1 / 10 " Loving Hearts " Theme Cake

This is the original idea I made and turned into the fairy-theme cake, once you get the basic decoration ( around the cake ) worked out, you can top any cute toppers on the cake, such as the fairy topper I put on.

It's simple, easy, elegant and effective, which I really like, and looks especially beautiful on a cake stand.

If you have enough time, why not try a similar one out for your family / friends ?


  1. I was looking at your cute blog and love the little purse and lipstick you made in aug 10 of last year. Did you have a cutout for the purse to make it 3d or did you hand sculpt it? Please email me at nbrenchley@hotmail.com. Thanks, Nicole

  2. Hi~~

    I'm from Taiwan too (live in Auckland now) and interested in baking as well! Hope to make friend with you and wanna share something thoughts about baking with you if possible, cheers~~ ^ ^

    Yvonne H.