11 / 5 Life moves on - SNOOPY Fly to Auckland 3D Novelty Cake

Got the idea when I took the airplane during the trip
to Wellington last week, 1st Nov.

And then ended up that the main idea of this cake is designed for my husband who found a new job as how he normally dreamed. So we have to say goodbye to where we live now where is full of cow / sheep / little stream, etc.

Not sure if there's more fun living in a big city..... hope more dreams will come true.


  1. LOVE it.
    My birthday is the 23rd. Wish I could get this cake for MY DAY.

  2. Thank you for your nice comment!
    I LOVE snoopy, too.
    Cakes around snoopy will be always imaginative as snoopy inspires us so much !
    Thanks again :-)